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Upgrade the look of your cabinets with pattern glass from Tim's Glass and Mirror. Our extensive line of pattern glass offers a variety of applications, with cabinet doors being one of the most popular choices. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance, create a focal point, or personalize your kitchen, our pattern glass options are the perfect solution. Explore our selections below and discover the perfect kitchen accent to transform your cabinets in Arlington Heights!

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Enhance Cabinet Aesthetics with Pattern Glass

Pattern glass is a versatile and stylish choice for cabinet doors. It adds depth, texture, and visual interest to your cabinets, elevating their aesthetics to a whole new level. Our range of patterns includes classic designs, contemporary styles, and unique textures, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen interior. Whether you prefer subtle designs or bold statements, our pattern glass will enhance the overall look of your cabinets.


Durable and Easy to Maintain

Pattern glass from Tim's Glass and Mirror is not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain. Our high-quality selection is designed to withstand daily wear and tear, making it a practical choice for your cabinets. With minimal maintenance, such as regular cleaning, your patterned glass cabinet doors will continue to look beautiful and retain their elegance for years to come.

Extensive Selection of Cabinet Glass to Explore

Our collection includes a wide range of patterns, textures, and styles to suit various design preferences. Whether you're going for a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, our diverse range of cabinet glass will help you achieve your desired aesthetic. View our selections below to find that perfect kitchen accent!



cabinet-glass 2-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 3-640w.jpg

Wavy Seedy

cabinet-glass 4-640w.jpg

Textured Flutex

cabinet-glass 5-640w.jpg

Cystal 73

cabinet-glass 6-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 7-640w.jpg

Single Glue Chip

cabinet-glass 8-640w.jpg

Double Glue Chip

cabinet-glass 9-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 10-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 11-640w.jpg

Master Ray

cabinet-glass 12-640w.jpg

Master Carre

cabinet-glass 13-640w.jpg

Pattern 62

cabinet-glass 14-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 15-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 16-640w.jpg

English Reeded

cabinet-glass 17-640w.jpg

Delta Frost

cabinet-glass 18-640w.jpg

Cross Reeded

cabinet-glass 19-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 20-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 21-640w.jpg


cabinet-glass 22-640w.jpg


Special Order Glass Patterns


glass-patterns 1-640w.jpg

Glue Chip

glass-patterns 2-640w.jpg

Euro Granite

glass-patterns 3-640w.jpg

Medium Amber

glass-patterns 4-640w.jpg

Clear Impresso

glass-patterns 5-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 6-640w.jpg

Master Lens

glass-patterns 7-640w.jpg

Thin Reed Rayado

glass-patterns 8-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 9-640w.jpg

GL-602 Maris

glass-patterns 10-640w.jpg

GL-585 Reed

glass-patterns 11-640w.jpg

GL-595 Pelerine

glass-patterns 12-640w.jpg

GL-575 Mayflower

glass-patterns 13-640w.jpg

GL-560 Sycamore

glass-patterns 14-640w.jpg

GL-550 Stippolyte

glass-patterns 15-640w.jpg

GL-395 Whispyvue

glass-patterns 16-640w.jpg

GL-385 Reed

glass-patterns 17-640w.jpg

GL-355 Wovenvue

glass-patterns 18-640w.jpg

GL-360 Decorvue Forestvue

glass-patterns 19-640w.jpg

GL-345 Decorvue Pinevue

glass-patterns 20-640w.jpg

GL-335 Seavue

glass-patterns 21-640w.jpg

GL-326A Cosmicvue Amber

glass-patterns 22-640w.jpg

GL315 Grandvue 1" Reeded

glass-patterns 23-640w.jpg
glass-patterns 24-640w.jpg

GL-Mp014 Master Point

glass-patterns 25-640w.jpg

GL-ML014 Master Ligne

glass-patterns 26-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 27-640w.jpg

GL-695 Madera

glass-patterns 28-640w.jpg

GL-680 1/8" Cross Reeded

glass-patterns 29-640w.jpg

GL-670 Sparkolite

glass-patterns 30-640w.jpg

GL-620 Listral

glass-patterns 31-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 32-640w.jpg

GL-600 Estriado

glass-patterns 33-640w.jpg

GL-599 Floriel

glass-patterns 34-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 35-640w.jpg

GL-670 Sparkolite

glass-patterns 36-640w.jpg

GL-525 Artic

glass-patterns 37-640w.jpg

GL-505 Taffeta

glass-patterns 38-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 39-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 40-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 41-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 42-640w.jpg

GL-400 Floralite

glass-patterns 43-640w.jpg

GL-405 Chinchilla

glass-patterns 38-640w.jpg

GL-400 Delta Craquel

glass-patterns 45-640w.jpg

GL-390 Frostyvue

glass-patterns 46-640w.jpg

GL-340 Hazyvue

glass-patterns 47-640w.jpg

GL-365 Autumnvue

glass-patterns 48-640w.jpg

GL-330 Mysticvue

glass-patterns 49-640w.jpg

GL-325 Artic Wintervue

glass-patterns 50-640w.jpg

GL-320 Rainvue

glass-patterns 51-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 52-640w.jpg

GL-1101 5 Hammered

glass-patterns 53-640w.jpg

GL-140 Lakeland Flemish

glass-patterns 54-640w.jpg

GL-1018-5 Clear Honeycomb

glass-patterns 55-640w.jpg

GL-1016 Screen

glass-patterns 56-640w.jpg

GL 1014 Frostlite

glass-patterns 57-640w.jpg

GL-1017 Wireglass

glass-patterns 58-640w.jpg

GL 1015 Wood

glass-patterns 59-640w.jpg

GL-1012 Delta Mist

glass-patterns 60-640w.jpg

GL-760 Floreal

glass-patterns 61-640w.jpg

GL-1011 Twist

glass-patterns 62-640w.jpg

GL-765 Basketweave

glass-patterns 63-640w.jpg

GL-702 Nue Abstracto

glass-patterns 64-640w.jpg

GL-740 Euro Clear Flemish

glass-patterns 65-640w.jpg

GL-701 Eurodrop

glass-patterns 66-640w.jpg

GL-630 Seafoam

glass-patterns 67-640w.jpg

GL-608 Master Soft

glass-patterns 68-640w.jpg

GL-600 Estriado

glass-patterns 69-640w.jpg

GL-565 6 Autumn

glass-patterns 70-640w.jpg

GL-520 Cotswold

glass-patterns 71-640w.jpg

GL-240 Nue Wave

glass-patterns 72-640w.jpg

C80-001 Saharah Clear

glass-patterns 73-640w.jpg

GI-401 Bubbles

glass-patterns 74-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 75-640w.jpg

GL-520 Cotswold

glass-patterns 76-640w.jpg

GL-608 Master Soft

glass-patterns 77-640w.jpg


glass-patterns 78-640w.jpg

GL-701 Eurodrop

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