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Handcrafted Frameless Sliding Doors

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Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your space with handcrafted frameless sliding doors from Tim's Glass and Mirror Company. Our frameless sliding doors offer a seamless blend of elegance, innovation, and practicality, making them the perfect addition to any home or business. Get a quote today!

wine cellar with doors

Wine Cellar Glass

Complete your wine room project with our modern state of the art glass enclosures. The use of our 1/2" glass will keep those spirits chilled for you to enjoy after a long day. Complete with soft close hardware and multiple hardware selections, let us help you design your happy place!


meeting room

Meeting rooms

Create a professional and inviting atmosphere in your meeting rooms with our handcrafted frameless sliding doors. The sleek and modern design of these doors not only adds a touch of sophistication but also helps optimize space utilization. By seamlessly dividing meeting areas, our frameless sliding doors offer the flexibility to transform open spaces into private meeting rooms with ease. Whether you are hosting client meetings, team collaborations, or creative brainstorming sessions, our custom frameless sliding doors provide the perfect balance of privacy and connectivity.


outdoor patio

Event spaces

Elevate the ambiance of your event spaces with the elegance of handcrafted frameless sliding doors. Whether you are hosting corporate events, weddings, or social gatherings, our frameless sliding doors offer a stunning entrance or partition option that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. The seamless operation and unobtrusive design of our frameless sliding doors allow for smooth transitions between event areas, creating a cohesive and stylish environment for your guests to enjoy. With custom sizing, finishes, and configurations available, our frameless sliding doors can be tailored to complement the unique style and layout of your event space.


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Custom Frameless Sliding Doors

We take pride in creating custom frameless sliding doors that are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs and style preferences. Whether you are looking to enhance the beauty of your living room, create a stunning entryway, or partition off a space with a modern touch, our frameless sliding doors are designed to make a statement.


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Sleek and Contemporary Designs

The frameless design of our sliding doors provides a sleek and contemporary look that maximizes natural light and creates a sense of openness in any room. With no bulky frames to obstruct your view, our frameless sliding doors offer a seamless transition between spaces, adding a touch of sophistication to your home or business.


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