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Shower Build Tips

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Shower Enclosure Planning

At Tim's Glass and Mirror in Arlington Heights, IL, your satisfaction with our custom shower doors is our top priority. We hope this can be a great resource for homeowners and remodelers alike. Please see our planning tips below to maximize your shower glass performance.

Preparing for Water

Shower doors and enclosures are not intended to be 100% leak free. However, our systems have outstanding results when these construction tips are utilized. Bathroom building materials have come a long way, so water on the outside of the shower isn't the problem it once was. It's also not a bad idea to ask your contractor about extra waterproofing precautions on the near outside of the shower.


Tip #1: Pitch Curb:

An inward curb pitch of 3/16" to 1/4" towards the shower is vital. We find that 95% of leaking is due to top level or an outward curb pitch. (Note: we will not install over an outward pitched curb)


Tip #2: Water Spray:

If possible, try and plan for your water sources to spray parallel or away from the door portion of your glass enclosure.


Tip #3: Proper Backing:

Stud all locations where glass is to be installed. Sister-up two to three 2 x 4’s where the door hinges will be located. This will minimize sagging and keep your glass door from coming out of alignment.


Tip #4: Knee Wall Caps:

Make sure knee wall caps do not hang into the door swing path. Keep them flush with the wall to avoid odd glass-to-tile spacing.


Tip #5: Angled Half Walls:

Swinging doors must have 90 degree pathways. Your half walls must be angled and not curb beneath the door.

Shower Door Disclaimer

Glass is a man-made product. Every piece of glass contains various types of flaws or blemishes, which may be visible to the naked eye. Even the best glass available in the market may contain minor defects The federal government mandates that no defects should be visible in the glass when it is viewed vertically or horizontally from a distance of 11 feet away under normal lighting conditions. All of our glass meets or exceeds these standards set forth by the federal government. The remaking of any glass due to normal blemishes will be based solely at the discretion of Tim’s Glass & Mirror (TGM) and based on using industry standard tolerance levels. Warping of glass is common and may occur during the tempering process. This will remain within accepted tempering association’s guidelines. Specifications are only available upon request from the purchaser.

The glass manufacturing industry and TGM have an accepted cutting tolerance level, so all glass sizes can vary plus (+) or minus (-) up to 1/8″. If your glass is within these tolerance levels, TGM will not be responsible for any remakes of new glass whatsoever. Gaps around door perimeters may vary from 1/16″ to 3/8″. Vinyl seals are available free of charge only at time of purchase or installation. After time, the vinyl seals may discolor or deteriorate. These seals are considered a wear and tear item and will not be replaced by TGM unless paid for by the purchaser. If the purchaser wants TGM to deliver and install such seal(s), the purchaser will also be responsible to pay a minimum service fee of $45.00.

All glass has a greenish hue or tint due to the iron content in the glass. This greenish hue can vary due to the size and thickness of the glass. Low iron glass has a lesser greenish hue and can also vary due to the size and thickness of the glass. Shower enclosure glass is required to be tempered. All of our tempered glass is inspected and certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) to ensure the best quality tempered glass in the industry. Temper logos may appear in any corner of the glass. If the purchaser does not want tempering logos, they must notify TGM in writing prior to the fabrication of the glass.

Water Leakage

Frameless shower doors are not 100% watertight. Tim’s Glass and Mirror cannot guarantee full water retention,and service will apply when aiding in this issue. There are a variety of reasons why leakage may occur and can possibly be avoided in the design and planning stages. Here are some pre-construction tips to help minimize leakage:


Tip #1:

A shower curb pitch of around 3/16” to 1/4” is suggested to allow for proper water flow back onto the pan. This is the main cause of water on the exterior of the shower. Thresholds may be used to improve this performance but its solution is not guaranteed.


Tip #2:

Install shower heads and sprayers parallel to shower glass. A perpendicular location can cause spraying through glass seams.


Tip #3:

Curbless showers must maintain a gradual and consistent pitch. Low spots or bellies in the shower pan can cause pooling on the exterior of the shower.



Your new frameless shower door/enclosure comes with a one-year installation warranty. There will be a $98 service fee after year one. Often, newly installed shower doors can develop rubbing due to acclimation of newly constructed walls. We’ll provide two free adjustments within three years. Seals are not included, as they are a wear and tear item.

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All shower door hardware comes with a limited three-year performance and finish warranty. Harsh chemicals and improper use will void the warranty.


Glass breakage, scratches, or chips are not covered under any warranty.

(Note: It’s extremely rare but tempered glass can spontaneously break. This is a non-controllable occurrence.)

Surface Protections

Ask sales associates for corresponding documents per your selection.

Tile: Tile breakage is not at all a common occurrence but can happen. Due to unseen tile installation methods, TGM is not responsible for broken tiles during the installment of your new shower glass. We promise to use high-quality drilling items and take every precaution to avoid such issues.

Behind the Curtain

Please notify your sales person or technician of any hidden water lines or electrical during measurement.

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If TGM must remove an existing enclosure, TGM will not be held liable for any damage to walls, tiles, furniture or any other items in the bathroom while removing the enclosure. TGM will attempt to cover existing holes that were hidden behind the old existing framed enclosure.

Due to conditions and configurations, as well as thickness differences from the larger framed metal enclosures to the thinner frameless glass enclosures, TGM will not be responsible or be expected to cover or fill these holes that were originally drilled to support the old unit.

After removing existing framed enclosures, you may see discoloration or stains on tile, cultured marble, marble, granite, etc. which are common. TGM will not be responsible to remove any such stains after removal. TGM will dispose of the old enclosure at purchaser’s request at the time of removal.


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